Sign a Letter Supporting Indigenous Science

On Earth Day, April 22, supporters of science will gather in Washington DC and in dozens of satellite marches around the country for the March For Science. A great deal of attention will be brought to the critical role of science in shaping a sustainable future.  This is an opportunity to inform a large audience that western science is not the only knowledge system that can contribute to finding sustainable solutions- and educate the public as to the nature and power of Indigenous Science or Traditional Ecological Knowledge.  So, in support of marching not just for science, but for multiple ways of knowing-marching for sciences- a public statement has been prepared that supports indigenous science for presentation at the March for Science and in the attendant teach-ins and related programs. We imagine that it will be a powerful approach to illuminating and elevating Indigenous Science in the mind of the public and the scientific community, for the benefit of people and planet. The statement is here: We invite you to add your name as a signatory to the letter and then circulate this letter among your networks for additional support. But please do it quickly, as the deadline is almost immediate. There is growing enthusiasm and excitement for having a strong presence for indigenous ways of knowing in support of people and planet.

Election Results

The members of AIRA’s new Incorporation and Bylaws Committee have been elected. They are:

Sweeney Windchief
Shawn Wilson
Jessica Venable
Ian Stuart
Marsha Small
Brandy Sato
Frank Sage
Liz Rix
Cassidy Medicine Horse
Kerri Malloy
Lori Lambert
Ku Kahakalau
Mokhtar Bouba
Dawn Adams

Thank you to everyone who nominated candidates and who voted in the election. And thanks to all the candidates, including those who were not elected this time around. It’s everyone’s willingness to take part, to step forward when asked, and to pitch in to help that makes AIRA such a great organization for us all.

Last Week to Vote

Please remember this is the last week of voting for the committee of people who will lead AIRA into the future. You can vote online here. The election ends on Saturday, December 31, 2016 at midnight Eastern Standard Time (5:00 am on January 1, 2017, Universal Time). This is the last reminder you’ll receive, so if you haven’t voted yet, go and do it right now while it’s fresh on your mind!

Remember to Vote!

As the semester ends in both northern and southern hemispheres and both faculty and students leave campus, remember to vote for the people who will structure AIRA’s future. Voting runs through December, but if you’re away from your academic email through the new year, this will be the only reminder that reaches you. Remember to vote!

2016 AIRA Conference Report is Online

The 2016 AIRA Conference report is now available online — this year with a great short video by Tim San Pedro of Ohio State University that really gives you the flavor of our meeting if you’ve never gotten to attend. (Thanks for sharing your video with us, Tim!) The report page links to a page of meeting presentations where you can access videos of keynote presentations by Maggie Walter, Jane Mt. Pleasant, and Casey Olsen, as well as PowerPoint slides and a link to papers for the keynotes and some of the other presenters. Thanks to Frank Tyro for recording the keynote speakers and making the videos available to our community!

Online Classes in Indigenous Research Methods

Dr. Lori Lambert is teaching two new online courses in Indigenous Research Methods this spring. One, offered through the University of Montana, is for graduate credit. A second course for undergraduate credit is offered through Stone Child College. Additional information, a PDF for download, and links for registration information are available on the AIRA website here.

AIRA Voting is Now Open

Voting for the Incorporation Committee for the American Indigenous Research Association is now open. You must be a member of AIRA to vote. Voting will run through the month of December and close December 31, 2016 at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

There are 19 candidates. A list of all the candidates, with photos and brief biographical statements, is here (

The ballot is here  (

Be sure to READ THE DIRECTIONS on the ballot page before you vote.

If you nominated someone for the committee and his or her name does not appear on the ballot, it is because they were unable to serve if elected and declined the nomination, or because they did not complete the process that put their name on the ballot. We are grateful for all the nominations that were submitted, and we especially thank the 19 nominees who agreed to run and provided information for the ballot process.

Most of all, we appreciate every member of AIRA who votes and helps our community take this next step into its future!