Exciting News

So excited to let you know that our dear friend and supporter Professor Leonie Pihama from New Zealand will be presenting Indigenous Methodologies & Building Capacity with Maori and Indigenous communities.

Don’t miss out at AIRA this October 10-13.

Registration and call for papers are both open. Click here for full details.

2018 Annual Meeting Now Open for Registration, Call for Papers.

Our 2018 meeting is scheduled for October 11-13, 2018: Indigenous peoples weekend!
The meeting is being held in Polson, Montana, at the KwaTakNuk Resort on beautiful Flathead Lake.

Now open for registration!

  • Our Keynote speaker is Linda Tuhiwai Smith, author of the highly influential book Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples.
  • Also featuring Eduardo Duran
  • Workshop presenter on Thursday morning at 9:30AM is Dr. Shawn Wilson, author of Research is Ceremony.
  • Registration and call for papers coming in May.
  • Professional registration: $200.00
  • Members: $150.00
  • Students: $125.00

Mark your calendars. There is limited seating! Register now!

Call for papers and posters is now open.

Please send abstracts to: 22leaningtree@gmail.com

Abstracts should follow the format of the spiderweb conceptual model.

2018 Meeting Dates and Keynote Speaker

The American Indigenous Research Association announces its 2018 Meeting will be held over Indigenous Day weekend, October 11-13, 2018

Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Author of Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples has confirmed and she will be at the AIRA conference this year!!

Great news, everyone! Dr. Shawn Wilson, author of Research is Ceremony, will be one of our 2018 workshop presenters. Shawn has been one of our greatest supporters since the beginning!!

Join AIRA so you can have a member discount for next year’s conference.

Annual Membership Drive

Hi Everyone and thank you for your participation in the American Indigenous Research Association. Now that we are officially a non-profit organization, we are requesting that you make a commitment to renew your membership.

We have initiated a small yearly fee of $10.00 for your membership. Your dues in the association will fund our projects including scholarships for needy students and a special membership price to register for the 2018 conference.

Thank you so much for your support. Please email me with any concerns.
Lori Lambert, President and Conference Chair.

Sign up/Renew Now

Call for Papers and Posters: AIRA 2017

The Call for Papers and Posters is Now Open.

Please make sure your paper applies the elements of the spider web conceptual framework and is done with an Indigenous method or gathering data.

Email your abstracts to Lori Lambert:  22leaningtree@gmail.com

Lori will pass them to the committee.

The deadline for submission is August 30th when registration will open through Eventbrite.

AIRA Webmaster Needed

The AIRA website needs a new webmaster and hosting service by the end of May. Dawn Adams, the current webmaster, created AIRA’s website for the inaugural conference in 2013. Since that time, she has maintained the site and updated it to reflect conference news as well as important events involving AIRA and its members. Dawn’s nonprofit, Tapestry Institute, has provided space on its web hosting plan for the AIRA website free of charge. The time has come for Dawn to move on to other projects, and that means AIRA needs a new webmaster and hosting service.

The AIRA webmaster must be able to maintain a website using a WordPress template or be able and willing to create a new web design. The current graphics and information on the website can be transferred and used by the new webmaster. Lunarpages is the current hosting service. It is possible to keep that service, but the website must be moved from Tapestry’s account.

If you are interested in taking on this volunteer position, please contact Jo at jo@tapestryinstitute.org. This position needs to be filled, and the website needs to be moved to a new hosting service, by the end of May.

Sign a Letter Supporting Indigenous Science

On Earth Day, April 22, supporters of science will gather in Washington DC and in dozens of satellite marches around the country for the March For Science. A great deal of attention will be brought to the critical role of science in shaping a sustainable future.  This is an opportunity to inform a large audience that western science is not the only knowledge system that can contribute to finding sustainable solutions- and educate the public as to the nature and power of Indigenous Science or Traditional Ecological Knowledge.  So, in support of marching not just for science, but for multiple ways of knowing-marching for sciences- a public statement has been prepared that supports indigenous science for presentation at the March for Science and in the attendant teach-ins and related programs. We imagine that it will be a powerful approach to illuminating and elevating Indigenous Science in the mind of the public and the scientific community, for the benefit of people and planet. The statement is here: https://sites.google.com/view/indigenous-science-letter). We invite you to add your name as a signatory to the letter and then circulate this letter among your networks for additional support. But please do it quickly, as the deadline is almost immediate. There is growing enthusiasm and excitement for having a strong presence for indigenous ways of knowing in support of people and planet.